Rodriders Newsletter

Club Theme: Talk about cars, socialize and have fun.
Club news: Meetings continue at the Chamber of Commerce in Bartlett Parking lot on the second & fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM. The next meeting is December 11th at 6PM, No meeting on November 26th. We will probably go to one meeting a month until March.
Last newsletter. This is the last newsletter from me, as discussed in the meeting Nancy and I are giving up our positions this year, we have been doing it for 2 years and want a year off. Discussed in the meeting was to have all news posted on the blog. Geoff called today and said that Ruthann was going to do treasury so we will give that to them next week. Nancy talked with Geoff and agreed to do Registration and head up the Raffle committee for next year’s car show. Now all we need is someone to do 50/50 for the meetings. Also we have some computer files that need to be kept up, such as phone list, membership list etc. Thank you Ruthann for volunteering for treasurer. Looks like things are winding down at show and shine at Get the Burger; this will probably stop shortly due to weather and getting dark very early, but will return in the spring with even more cars and support. Looks like things are winding down for winter and the Holidays. I hope everyone has a great time through the holiday season. Larry is working on the details for the L.A. Car Expo and will let us all know the details later. Our best wishes go out to Larry with his medical problems.
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Car Shows and Events:

Volunteers 2013 Treasurer- Ruthann Guy
Refreshments- Eloise Lepore News- See Blog
Membership- Ken Rhodes PR: Larry Huffman
Meeting coordinator-Whoever Car show coordinator- Geoff Guy


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