Rodriders Newsletter

Club Theme: Talk about cars, socialize and have fun.
Club news: Meetings continue at the Chamber of Commerce in Bartlett Parking lot on the second & fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM. The next meeting is Sept 25th 2012.
The club is still doing show and shines at Get the Burger every Wednesday until the weather gets to cold.
There was general discussion on the results of our car show on Labor Day weekend and some possible changes to the show for next year.
The dinner that was planned for the club on the 21st of Sept. was
Cancelled and discussions for when and where were tabled until the next meeting which is on the 25th of September.
We had a 50/50 at the end of the meeting and Javier won it.

Check out our web site and blog at

Car Shows and Events:

Every wed night from 5PM until Dark- Show and Shine at get the Burger
Every Saturday from 8AM until 10AM- Show and shine at the Donut shop in Stater Bros Parking lot.
Yucaipa car shows- 2 shows remain for this year- October 5th and Nov 2nd- The November show is the annual toy drive which our club attends.
Kernville- Oct 10, 11,12th.

Volunteers 2012 Treasurer- Nancy Siska
Refreshments- Eloise Lepore News & CoTreasurer – Joe Siska
Membership- Ken Rhodes PR: Larry Huffman
Meeting coordinator-Whoever Car show coordinator- Geoff Guy


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