Rodriders Newsletter

Rodriders Newsletter

Club Theme: Talk about cars, socialize and have fun.
Club news: Meetings continue at the Chamber of Commerce in Bartlett Parking lot on the second & fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM. The next meeting is March 27th.

The club did a show and shine this Wednesday 3/14/12 at “Get the burger” because the weather was nice, six cars showed up between 4 and 6PM. It was fun to see everyone and visit and talk about cars again.

The club is still collecting dues and only a few members are still outstanding, dues are $30.

The Yucaipa car show is coming right up April 6th and the club will be forming up at 3PM at Geoff’s house and will leave around 3:30PM. Show is from 6 to 9PM but we need to get there early in order to get some good parking spots. Final discussions on whose going ec.t will be at the next meeting.

We are now starting to discuss our car show for this year with some preliminary plans have been made. We will be getting t-shirts that are a bright color with our logo and STAFF on them. Some of the volunteers are as follows: Geoff- Leader- Coordinates, flyers and sponsors.
Joe and Nancy- Registration
Bill- Security and traffic
Art- Parking
Larry- Media and Announcer
Kenny- Pop-ups, tables, dash plaques
Eloise- Raffle Coordinator (collection point and run show)
Remember we still need more volunteers to help the people list above and each members should donate a raffle prize as we did last year also Pat is going to try to get a bear again this year and it was discussed that we will go to Harbor Freight to buy some auto stuff for the raffle, plus we usually get some items from the sponsors.

We were all sorry to hear that Ron King was in the Hospital and hope that he is doing well; all our blessings are with him.
We had a 50/50 drawing that collected $28 and Geoff won and took home $14.
Check out our web site and blog at

Fill out the form Dave handed out and include a picture of your car and return to Dave to get your car featured on our Blog.

Car Shows and Events:

Cal Rods- Run with a winner car show at Santa Anita Race Track- March 25th, 2012

Yucaipa car shows- April 6th is first show of the year 6 to 9pm- There are 7 other dates,

Gas on the Grass- April 21st at Victor Valley High school, Nancy has flyers.

Yucaipa car show- May 4th- 50’s style dress up- 6 to 9PM

Moose car show- Saturday May 26th.

Citibank Car Show- Sunday May 27th

Canyon Cruise – June 3rd- 8AM-3PM

Volunteers 2011 Treasurer- Nancy Siska
Refreshments- Eloise Lepore News & CoTreasurer – Joe Siska
Membership- Ken Rhodes PR: Larry Huffman
Meeting coordinator-Ken Rhodes


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