Cruisin’ to Stop Bruisin”

Heads up—- Let’s not forget the Cruisin’ to Stop Bruisin  this Saturday  11:oo at the Commmulnity Church by the Lake  (check calendar for details).  We’ll still meet at the donut shop Saturday around 9:00 and after donuts we will cruise over to the Church for the show.  Let’s have a great turnout for a great cause


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  1. The Saturday show is for Doves which does a great job for battered women and children. Let’s try and have a good turnout after the donut shop. Hope to see everyone there

  2. meet at the donut shop and go to church between 10 and 1030 on saturday for the cruising for a bruising, everyone who brings their car gets in free and free eats this saturday june 11

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